Galanthus: The species

Galanthus is classified in the plant kingdom by Lineaus in 1753, as follows

Kingdom Plantae
Clade Angiosperms
Clade Monocots
Order Asparagales
Family Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily Amaryllidoideae
Tribe Galantheae
Genus Galanthus

(Source: Wikipedia)

The species, as they are now known:

  1. Galanthus alpinus Sosn.
  2. Galanthus angustifolius Koss
  3. Galanthus cilicicus Baker
  4. Galanthus elwesii Hook.f.
  5. Galanthus fosteri Baker
  6. Galanthus gracilis Celak.
  7. Galanthus ikariae Baker
  8. Galanthus koenenianus Lobin
  9. Galanthus krasnovii Khokhr.
  10. Galanthus lagodechianus Kem.-Nath.
  11. Galanthus nivalis L.
  12. Galanthus panjutinii Zubov & A.P.Davis
  13. Galanthus peshmenii A.P.Davis & C.D.Brickell
  14. Galanthus platyphyllus Traub & Moldenke
  15. Galanthus plicatus M.Bieb.
  16. Galanthus reginae-olgae Orph.
  17. Galanthus rizehensis Stern
  18. Galanthus transcaucasicus Fomin
  19. Galanthus trojanus A.P.Davis & Ă–zhatay
  20. Galanthus woronowii Losinsk

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